3-Day Refresh Day 2

DAY TWO is COMPLETE & I couldn’t be more excited with the results. I am already down about one inch in my waist! HOW AMAZING is that?!?!?! I was a little nauseas in theTummy measure day 2 - Resized morning…. Until um well…. Let’s just say my tummy needed to be cleaned out. There was no big explosion & I didn’t get sick. It was just a normal every day occurrence. After that I started to feel amazing the rest of the day. There is no uncomfortable running to the bathroom with this cleanse. Except for the excess of water I have been drinking. That’s cause for a few more trips to the little girls room. I still didn’t have as much energy as I usually do but the brain fog & leathery lifted. I can think again & multi task. Something that had come to a complete halt for the last two months. I feel light & refreshed. My body doesn’t seem so heavy & sluggish. I am also not moody! I seem to be a lot less irritated which makes everyone happy. I can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow morning.


My craving where even less in day two. Every once in a while I would want the taste of something. ….. like Oreo cookies. ….. but I would quickly remember, nope that’s exactly what I’m cleaning out. It has been a very busy two days for me, so i think that keeping myself occupied helped in not craving.Kale Dinner - Resized

Just a few side noted I didn’t mention yesterday. This program comes with a complete step by step planning guide. So you know exactly what to do & what to eat. There is no guess work or figuring it out. It’s all spelled out for you. There is a list of foods you can eat & a portion guide…… So NO GUESS WORK!

Breakdown of Calories for Day 1………….

Shakeology – 170 Calories

Vanilla Refresh – 200 Calories X 2 = 400 CaloriesLemon Juice - Resized

Fiber Sweep – 60 Calories

Cantaloupe –  54

Apple – 48

Almond Butter – 190 in 2 tbsp.

Carrots – 25

Hummus – 70 in 2 tbsp.Apples & Almond butter - Resized

Cauliflower – 19

Kale – 51

Almonds – 1 tbsp = 33

Olive oil – 40

My total calorie intake for the day was 1,160.

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