3-Day Refresh Day 3

I am extremely please with the results of my 3-Day Refresh! I wasn’t sure how this was going to go or really what to expect when I first decided to purchase this program. All I knew Tummy measure day 3 - Resizedwas I needed a JUMP START to get back on track!!! Thanksgiving came along with turkey & pumpkin pie. The next thing I knew I was saying Merry Christmas to some very bad habits that were taking me further from my goals than I wanted to be.


I am happy to report this cleanse is EXACTLY what I needed to clean out the sugar, toxins & cravings. It’s the end of day 33 Day Refresh - Transformation & true to it’s name…… I feel refreshed. More so than the outside results I got is how I FEEL! I lead a busy life & I need to be able to multi task & juggle many things at one time.  When your brain is in a fog & you feel sluggish all the time it’s difficult to perform at an optimal level.  The greatest thing I got out of this was returning to a high level of clarity, mentally.

I haven’t craved anything sweet today AT ALL! I am thankful for that. I have BIG GOALS in the new year so I needed a fresh start to get me back on track. That is exactly what I got.

I am excited to start the next phase & maintain my result going forward. I plan to drink Shakeology once a day everyday & training hard in the New Year.Tummy Results

If you have any questions about the 3-Day Refresh that I haven’t answered here please feel free to leave a comment below.3 Day Refresh - Transformation 3


What to eat on Day four…… Don’t go right back into old habits. This was your FRESH START! Eat as many fruits, veggies & whole foods as possible in order to maintain your results. This is the perfect opportunity to make the change & keep the healthy habit in place. This morning I had poached eggs over asparagus. Light, fresh & tasty. My body is thanking me for it!

Poached Eggs

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