3-Day Refresh *** MUST READ ***

I have completed day one of my 3 Day Refresh & wanted to keep you up to date with how it’s going. My objective here is to give you honest feedback so you can decided for yourself if this is something that will help you on your journey in life. Some would say because I am a representative of the product that my opinion could never be unbiased because I stand to make a commission. I do make a commission if you purchase my products but if I recommend a product to you that isn’t in line with what you are trying to accomplish then you are going to miss the mark & I would be a part of your demise. My ultimate goal is not to make money off of you……. But to help you reach your goals! Everyone must make a living & I choose to make mine by pushing people to lead a fruitful life instead of just exist. I stand to gain more by helping you succeed than just making a one time sale. So here it goes…… my attempt at an unbiased opinion on the 3 Day Refresh.

Meal Prep - Resized 3 Day refresh - Resized

Day one was a bit of a struggle. I am just coming off the holiday season where I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. Even though it was in moderation the sugar doesn’t care. Once it’s in your system your body wants you to feed it more! These cravings where not overwhelming just more of a nagging. The way the refresh is set up you have something every few hours. So that helps to keep you busy & full. I usually eat 6 meals a day between 1500 – 1800 calories. I am not a big calorie counter but I do know what I need to keep my energy levels high. I did not have as much energy as I normally do. I was in no way famished or lethargic. I was just a little slower than normal.

Towards the end of the day I got a mild head ache. Which I can only imagine came from the lack of sugar & gluten. In the past when I come off these things my body detox is harsh! I feel tired, heavy & my body aches badly. So to only experience a mild head ache was refreshing! (Pun intended!!!) I am a feel type of person. I go off how something makes me feel. In the end that’s really all I care about. Did it do it’s job & how did it affect my daily life.

I woke up this morning to a flatter tummy. Which I was a bit surprised that it would work that fast. I know this is not fat but inflammation in the stomach from all the sludge. Still loosing inches is loosing inches.

Carrots -  - Resized Asparagus - ResizedI did not give up my coffee, but I did give up the milk & honey I normally use. I just mix my coffee in with my morning chocolate shake! YUMMY!!!! & I still get my caffeine. While we are talking taste. The shakeology mixed with just water or in my case coffee & ice does taste very different than when I normally mix it with coconut milk. It does taste earthy but it’s not overpowering where I couldn’t get it down. The vanilla refresh shakes & the fiber sweep are the same. It’s not a treat I would reach for but to clean out my system & kill cravings it is defiantly a sacrifice I can make for three days!

I will give you an update each day. This initial one has been quite detailed so a bit long. Tomorrow I will try to keep it short & sweet. For those of you who are a bit more technical I have listed my calorie intake below.

Breakdown of Calories for Day 1………….Tummy measure day 1 - Resized

Shakeology – 170 Calories

Vanilla Refresh – 200 Calories X 2 = 400 Calories

Fiber Sweep – 60 Calories

Pear – 102

Carrots – 25

Hummus – 70 in 2 tbsps

Asparagus – 42

Almonds – 1 tbsp = 33

1/2 Banana – 53

“Zing Juice” – 136 CaloriesZing Juice - Resized

1 apple – 95

1 Medium Carrot – 25

2 Medium Celery Stalks – 12

2 Slices Ginger – 4

My total calorie intake for the day was 1,091.

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