My 7 best practices for staying healthy in a busy world!

1. Plan Ahead
Make a plan while you’re in front of the TV & scrolling social media. Print out a calendar for the week. Write down what you want to cook & all ingredients needed. Try to pick dishes that have similar ingredients. Go through your cabinets & mark off everything you already have so you don’t buy double.

2. Prep foods on the weekend
Make it a family affair. Ask your hubby to chop the veggies & the kids to grate the cheese or beat the eggs while you pull it all together. Put on some music & dance around the kitchen while your quiche is cooking. It doesn’t have to be a choir unless you make it a chore.

3. Cook Extra food at dinner
Let’s say you miss meal prep…. Don’t throw it all to the wind. Each night when you prepare dinner just make extra for lunch the next day. Or create a completely separate meal for dinner the next night. You gotta think ahead.

4. Keep healthy snacks on hand
This one is short & sweet & will keep you from just eating whatever when you get HANGRY! Nuts, jerky, 85% dark chocolate, fruit, guacamole & carrots, almond butter & celery, boiled eggs. There are so many options. Get what you like & keep it in travel cooler. They look like hand bags these days.

5. Read the ingredients
Packaging can be so misleading these days! Everything says 100% all natural. YIKES! Thankfully we have google! If you don’t know what’s really in something, don’t chance it. Go for things labeled organic & non-GMO but even more so go for fresh fruits, veggies & meats. Shop the perimeter of the stores.

6. Rotisserie chicken instead of fast food
If you look up & the day is gone & there is no way you are cooking anything!!!!! Drop by the store…. grab a rotisserie chicken & some frozen veggies instead of hitting the drive through.

7. Stop at the grocery store
If you’re on the go, forgot your lunch or just have no time today……. Stop by the grocery store & grab a sandwich & a piece of fruit. Plus all the deli counters have prepared food now with a meat & two sides for like 6 bucks! It’s a great value & fresh food.

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