About Me

I am an Over comer, Soul Searcher & Style Lover! I have experienced more life in 33 years then most will encounter in a lifetime. My hope is to share my experiences with you & leave you a little more full than when we first met. I am a soul on a quest for truth & fulfillment. My body is the vehicle to take me on this beautiful journey & my first priority is to be good to it. I was fortunate enough to marry my soul mate. In the process I inherited 3 beautiful teen/ tween souls to help love & guide. Our oldest is 18 & our youngest is 11. We like to play hard & love loud!

For most of my life I bounced from one job to the next aimlessly while trying to find my purpose. I was at my darkest place emotionally about two years ago. From the outside my life looked perfect but mentally I was miserable. I had lost all ME TIME in trying to figure out how to balance a job I hated, be a wife & raise children I didn’t give birth to! I was getting tired, weak & felt sickly all the time. My nutrition was non-existent & my body was paying the price. I was overwhelmed with the anxiety of not being the woman I was CREATED to be. I knew I was made for more & because I wasn’t living…… my spirit, I felt, was dying!

I stumbled across Beachbody which I would latter realize was truly a divine appointment. Nothing happens by accident. My soul had found its purpose & a way to thrive! Through this beautiful community I have had the great joy of recreating myself into the woman I knew I was always meant to be!

Beachbody is a health & fitness alliance that prides themselves on helping people UNLEASH the person they were created to be. I am in the best physical shape of my life. My spirit has finally found its purpose & I am surrounded by a FORCE of powerful people who have a desire to live life to the fullest. I have been given confidence I didn’t know I could possess & a platform to empower others!

Today I spend most of my time working with others who are….. where I once was! It is my desire to INSPIRE others to Design their own Destiny. Instead of just existing in a stagnant life. I want to push others to CONQUER their goals & CREATE their best selves.

If my passion resonates with you….. PLEASE reach out!!! I would love to hear about your dreams, goals and at the very least make a connect with someone who has similar passions!

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Under Construction

I’m not perfect. I put my best foot forward because it’s hard to share my flaws. I love unconditionally until you hurt me. I don’t just burn bridges, I blow them up. When faced with a problem I lie face down in my closet & cry, then I get up & figure out a solution. I prefer to eat donuts then work out, but that’s not really healthy so I don’t. I would rather relax on my back porch then go out to a crowded restaurant. I would rather go to bed at 9pm so I can get up at 5am.  I am so nice that people think i’m fake, until they get to know me & realize i’m really that nice. My kindness is often mistaken for weakness. I’m Okay with that because my wrath takes people by surprise.This is me. I am a work in progress.