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******************************** Warning ********************************                                                                                                                                                                                           Long post but it gets you the inside scoop on what makes me tick! Someone asked me recently WHY am I so PASSIONATE about what I do !?!?!?

So here goes………..
When I met my husband 4 years ago, he was a big man & I love EVERY BIT of him just the way he was!!! Health & nutrition where always very important to me & I vowed not to bug him about his weight. Last year about this time he SCARED THE CRAP out of me by having to spend a day in the hospital. HOLY I DON’T WANT TO BE A WIDOW!!! The end result was high blood pressure & high blood sugar/Pre-diabetic do to years of not taking his eating habits seriously & lack of moving his body!!! At that point he was pretty shook up & made the decision on his own that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life on medication.

We both worked around 60 hours a week in the mortgage industry. We have three kids who are all in extra curricular activities. We were traveling every other weekend with travel ball with our oldest daughter so we were eating a lot of hotel breakfast & sandwiches. Finding a THE TIME to make a change was impossible!!! Or so I thought! We had a gym membership for a year & maybe used it twice. What a waste.

Enter side stage – T25……. T25 is a workout program we could do TOGETHER from home! & it was only 25 minutes a day. I gained energy & endurance yes…… but the real success story was the fact he lost 40lbs in 8 WEEKS. In 8 WEEKS time he CAME OFF ALL THE MEDICATION just from exercise, one shake a day & somewhat changing his eating habbits. Let’s be real you can’t change that over night. I am so proud of him & even more proud of the fact that he has KEPT OFF EVERY POUND!!!! He has not gain one pound back this whole time!!!

*************************************MY WHY********************************
When I saw there was an option to make a change & it was DOABLE…… It fit into our crazy lifestyle…… I felt I had to help as many people as I can do the same!!!!! We don’t have to AGE EARLY! We don’t have to live with DISEASE!!! We don’t have to take 45 medications every day for the rest of our lives!!! There is a BETTER WAY! I want the world to know!!!

Sorry for yelling but I’m kind of passionate about your health! I am so thankful for this opportunity. Looking great is fantastic but ADDING YEARS TO YOUR LIFE is way better!!!

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