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Someone PINCH ME! This is really my life! All because I chose to make some really tough decisions without being able to see the future. When I left my corporate job to become a Beachbody coach it was SO PAINFUL for me to leave all the financial burden to my husband. Especially for a girl who has been on her own since 16 & always had a “normal job”. Deep in my soul I KNEW, that I knew, that I knew this opportunity was going to fulfill my purpose & pay the bills. So thankful that in spite of the fear & risk I took the leap! It’s only 6 days since I made this vision board & I’m adding a new goal already?! That’s right because Team Beachbody wants to send me on one of the largest ships in the world!!!!…….The Oasis of the Sea in 2016. No way am I letting this opportunity pass me by! If you have been watching me over the past few months & you are curious about this Beachbody thing….. let me tell you NOW IS THE TIME to be in the know! Not only are we ending the trend of obesity & inspiring others to achieve their dreams…….

~ You can earn an extra $500, $1000…… etc. monthly, you decide.
~ You earn free trips for helping people
~ You can do this around your current job
~ Step by Step coach training is provided
~ You get healthy & fit in the process

Along with ALL that comes the a culture of winners. You get to be surrounded by people who are fulfilling their purpose instead of standing around the water cooler complaining & doing nothing.

If you have wanted a change……. If you know you are made for so MORE but have no idea how you are going to get there…… join my FREE 5 day seek peak! Let me tell you what this Beachbody thing is all about. No pressure but don’t let an opportunity pass you by just because of doubt or disbelief. How will you know if you don’t try. Besides it’s free. Comment below or message me if you want the 411

Accepting Applications – Beachbody Coaching

I love this part of what I do! Helping OTHERS reach success from the comfort of HOME. I am so EXCITED about my new coach training group coming up!

Here are a few reasons why you should become a coach:

1. Fitness accountability for YOU.
2. Earn FUN money for your family.
3. Remove some of the financial burden off your husband.
4. Pay OFF debt.
5. Earn a SIGNIFICANT income (6+ figures)
6. HELP other people reach their goals.
7. Be PART of a significant movement to END obesity.
8. Have a support system of INCREDIBLE people.
9. GROW as a person.
10. Grab a sweet discount.

THREE things to consider before applying:

#1 – You must be willing and ready to get in the best shape of your life using Beachbody programs and/or products. {P90X, T-25, 21 Day Fix!!, Shakeology, etc}

#2 – You must FULLY commit to completing ALL coach training assignments and agree to living OUTSIDE of your comfort zone! 5-10 minute commitment daily.

#3 – You must be COACHABLE & COMMITTED. I’m committed to abbreviating your learning curve and will openly share what I’ve learned to master this business! Essentially, this info is LIQUID GOLD! I will be giving it to you for FREE! I will invest my time into you and help you create and establish your own at-home business. What I require in return is for you to meet me halfway. I need you to work for your success as much as I do!

Being a NEW Coach is VERY fresh in my mind. I was able to achieve in 3 months what typically takes others a year or more to accomplish. My income grows EVERY month — and it is RESIDUAL… meaning… I take a VACATION and I still get paid in growing amounts. I want to teach you how to do the same.

Go to: to complete a short application and once received, I will personally send you over the requirements for those selected!!

I will be selecting the FINAL 10 by June 30th! I look forward to helping you Design your own Destiny!