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*** Metamorphosis Monday ***

I have really been beating myself up lately because I know my actions have not been in line with my goals. I have allowed life to take over & get me frazzled. We all have the same 24 hours in a day & it’s my choice how I spend that time. Thankfully I recognize when I’m off track & I can choose to make better choices to regain my focus.
Today I challenge you to examine your actions. Have your decision been lining up with your goals?!?!?!??? If not,….. this moment & this reminder are the perfect opportunity for you to make a shift! Get back on track. Keep your goals in front of you. What you want doesn’t just magically appear. You must carve the path!

*** Metamorphosis Monday ***

This statement has never been more true for me than it is right now. So many days of my life I thought I was LIVING…. BUT really I was just existing. There is a HUGE difference you know!
Most of my decisions & actions where dictated by a underlying energy of fear or anxiety that I didn’t even realize was in control. It wasn’t until I pushed my body farther than my mind would let it go that I realized I have been holding back so much.

I only thought I was living but really I have been tip toeing cautiously through an existence avoiding pain until it’s time to die. Don’t stop at the point of pain. PUSH past all the negative mental walls that seem to stop you from participating in life.
This is how you change your reality. Do what you think you cannot and you will discover a whole other reality is waiting on you.

Don’t be shut off

*** Metamorphosis Monday ***

Be ready, willing & open to test new thoughts & ideas. Don’t live your life so closed off & ridged to one thought process or perspective. Living closed off & from the position that you already know all you need to know, greatly limits the possibilities you get to experience. We can learn for a lifetime & there will still be something we don’t know. Listen to someone you wouldn’t normally hear. Read a book that’s out of your realm of thought. Go to an event a friend invited you to even though you think it will be boring. You never know what’s waiting if you only open yourself up to it.

*** Metamorphosis Monday ***

This week I want to talk to you about becoming your best self, one step at a time. Practical ways that you can enrich your life & the lives of others & it won’t cost you a dime….. BUT it will make you rich!

Today let’s talk COMPLIMENTS!

Before you leave the house today give yourself a compliment…. On your hair, your outfit, a task you performed with your unique skill set. Whatever it may be. If you say you can’t find anything then you really aren’t looking. When you do this it gives you an emotional boost & creates happiness! That energy is CONTAGIOUS to everyone around you! Now you’re happy & productive!

In my life I’ve had to learn to be happy with just myself. Some people find it very annoying & even arrogant when you love yourself.  But I am thankful for this gift. I didn’t always have a loving husband & three kidos to love on me. There was a time when my heart ached for a husband to love me & I begged God to give me a family that I could lavish with love. It wasn’t until I found peace in being alone that I found my soul mate. My happiness does not weigh on another human being or circumstances! I learned how to just be happy with me. Besides how do you expect anyone else to love what you don’t?!


*~* Metamorphosis Monday *~*

This week I want to share the things that hold great worth in my life. The things I will never take for granted & I am always sure to thank God I have them.
I’m thankful to have my own home! That might sound like a normal thing that most people have but for me it’s an honor. I have lived in 23 houses in 20 different cities all within 32 short years. I have shared apartments, rented rooms, borrowed rooms & lived in others houses. I hoped, wished & prayed for years to have a safe space to call my own. A space to create my own atmosphere of comfort. To create it the way I wanted & retreat from the day to rest in it’s peace. I have that now & every morning I get up, have a cup of coffee & thank God that I have my very own home. It’s not a structure it’s an framework.

Feel free to join in the fun. Let’s create an atmosphere of gratefulness all week!

*** Motivate Me Monday ***

For 10 years of my life I was in an unfruitful relationship. Not a bad relationship but not the RIGHT relationship & I knew it but I held on anyways. Once I let go….. I got everything I ever dreamed of in a relationship. That’s a very short version of the story. I’m not telling you of all the pain, prayer & struggle I went through because I didn’t want to let go. I was going to make this work… no matter what!
Simply, It’s time to let some old things die….. if you want to move forward!

The faster you grow the faster you excel.

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

We all beat ourselves up over failure. What if I told you it’s part of the process to get you where you want to go?! If success is what you seek your character has to be developed to handle the success. Otherwise you won’t have the capacity to keep it. DON’T GET MAD AT THE PROCESS! EXPECT IT! Rest in the fact that this too shall pass & no circumstance is permanent. Learn what you must from where you are now. The faster you grow the faster you excel.

How will you get there if you are not heading in that direction?

What hurts more?

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

What hurts more?!…. The pain of Hard Work or the pain of Regret?!

Will you be around for your life?

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*
Have you ever noticed that you don’t live for today?! We are usually thinking & living out of what happened to us in the past or we are making decisions for what we want our life to be in the future. Most of the time our thoughts are busy trying to escape our current reality & we miss all the beauty that is wrapped up in THE CURRENT moment. 
If I hadn’t been raised by that family I would have more opportunity. I will be able to relax when I have $5000 saved in the bank for unexpected expenses. Life will be easier when I pay off my house.
Can you see how all of those statements are holding you back from enjoying your life right now?! Every day you spend in past mistakes & hurts or hoping for a different reality is another day that is slipping from your grasp.
I encourage you to WATCH YOU THOUGHTS today. See where your thoughts go…. are you running your thoughts or are your thoughts running you? Whatever your reality is today, be thankful I promise it could always be worse & there is someone somewhere who would trade places with you.