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Do what NEEDS to be done!

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

Motivate yourself! You can read all the motivational material you want….. but unless you have decided to make the change mentally….. NOTHING is going to happen! You must decide deep within yourself that a change is needed! Then draw a line in the sand with yourself. Once this happens you will not need anyone else to motivate you. All the moment & drive you need will come from within!


*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

LOVE YOURSELF! I know that’s sounds really simple but too many times we tell ourselves…. I am not smart enough, I’m not talented enough, I am not strong enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not, I am not, I am not. FORGET WHAT YOU ARE NOT!!!! PLEASE recognize WHAT YOU ARE. I am sorry for yelling but for so many years this sole fact robbed me of my joy. I will never compare to you or them because I am not supposed to. I was created to be me & you were created to be you. So love all the fantastic qualities that make you YOU!

The sky is not the limit, your mind is!

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

What you have experienced thus far in life, is not all there is. There is still more to see, learn & experience. You haven’t learned it all & therefore you don’t know it all. Are your ideas, judgments & beliefs so set in stone that you can’t learn anything new? Will you take constructive criticism from others? Will you allows someone else to teach you a more efficient way to do something you have always done? Do you have a mentor?  You are the only one that has the power to put limits on yourself. If you are unwilling to learn & grow then you are stagnant. The muscle of your mind is starting to atrophy & you are actually losing ground in your pursuit of this thing called life. Dont limit yourself! Be willing to learn & explore new possibilities. You may find what you are looking for is only one paradigm shift away. What you believe or don’t believe is your only limitation.

Authenticity equals power!

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*
You are your most powerful when you are authentic. ~ T.D. Jakes

How exhausting it is, day in & day out to put on “the face”. The happy face, the acceptable face, the fit in face, the ordinary face. We shrink & hide who we are for fear of what others will think, how we will be received or accepted. The truth is……. everyone else feels the same way! Stop looking at who everyone else is & find out who you are!

Own your craft!

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

Today, instead of waiting for your business to grow, grow you. Expand your knowledge in just one area of your business, marriage, insight or fitness. Your action will cultivate growth.

Don’t just work….. Own it, know it! Be excellent & bring excellence to the table. Don’t leave it to chance or wing it. Be sharp, know the answers & be the answer. Create the atmosphere to breed success. Don’t wait on hope, act on faith.

Every day a fresh start.

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

The greatest thing about Monday is the fresh start. If you don’t like the way your life is going….. CHANGE IT! Control what you can & let go of what you can’t. Everyday you can have a fresh perspective, grow your mind, look for the positive & change your attitude. That is ultimately what drives your lifes outcome anyways.

Do something you have never done today. Learn something new, open your mind to someone else’s point of view. Give in to the fact that you don’t know everything & if you quit growing you are becoming stagnant & stale. Breath in the fresh air of a new day & CREATE a new chance for yourself!

Life awaits the Hero that’s dormant inside of you!

There is only one you. No one else has traveled your path or had the exact same experiences as you. Those experiences are what shapes you & develops your character. Share the gift of you with someone else today. Your life is a beautiful gift share it with someone else today!


Be Real!

I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago that really struck a chord in my heart. We walk around as plastic people. Smiles on our faces to put up a happy front. When in reality we are dealing, struggling & coping with the twists & turns of this crazy roller coaster called life! I challenge you this week to be REAL with someone. You never know how a simple conversation about a struggle you are having can heal someone elses heart. Just to know you’re not alone somehow applies an invisible healing salve to the wound. Plus who wants to live on the surface of this life when there are so many depths to explore!


What you see vs what others see!

I am extremely hard on myself. More than is necessary most of the time. When I decided to open my own business I started doing some introspection. What do I have to offer people. Why do I want to motivate others. What makes me different from everyone else. I was having a hard time coming up with answers that I liked. So I did a little exercise…… I asked some of my closest friends to give me an honest assessment….. constructive criticism of what THEY SEE in me. The good, the bad & the ugly. I was PLEASANTLY surprised at all their responses. It turns out the reality of what I see & the reality of what my friends see is worlds apart. This gave me a major confidence boost & helped me to see myself very differently. I often refer back to those answers when I get a little left of center.

Give yourself a break. Celebrate yourself for who you are. No one can be you & oh what a boring world it would be if we where all the same. The truth is when others see you it is not near as negative as what you have built up in your own mind. This video depicts this beautiful reality. It’s a few minutes of your time but well worth the enlightenment .

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

When it’s time to work, WORK. Equally….. when it’s time to play, PLAY! Don’t take your work to the beach with you. Or anywhere when you are supposed to be resting or spending time with your family. Completely detaching yourself allows your mind to rejuvenate & you will be surprised by all the bright ideas you get when you step away.