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Pruitt’s Bulletproof Coffee

I have been getting lots of questions about butter in my coffee & how I make it?! Is it really good for you? Does it really taste good?! So I am providing links to all your questions.
More than 6 months ago I replaced my regular coffee, cream & sugar with Bulletproof Coffee. This keeps me full until 1pm or so. Healthy fats burn super slow for sustained energy.

The next question I get is how does Shakeology fit into your routine? I have Shakeology as a refeed to my muscles after my workouts. Then I have two other full means per day. Each person’s body is different & you have to find the right system for you. This is what works best for me.

Please let me know if you try this?! If you love it or hate it! I would love to hear your experience. I was in love from the first sip!!!

Pruitt’s Recipe for Bulletproof Coffee
8 oz Bulletproof Coffee
2 tbsp Grass-Fed Butter
2 tbsp of Coconut Cream (not milk)
2 packs Stevia
Dash of Almond Extract
Dash of Vanilla Extract

Additional ingredients as you get more serious about brain function & stepping up your bodies performance!
~ Add 1 tsp Brain Octane Oil
~ 1 Tbsp Colostrum
You can get cheaper brands of colostrum but let me just tell you it is not the same! You truly get what you pay for here!

PS – I don’t work for or represent any of these products. I just use them & love them…. Except the Shakeology of course.

To learn more about Bulletproof Coffee & it’s healthy benefits CLICK HERE.

A healthier alternative to Deodorant

This is powerful stuff. Not only is it all natural! IT WORKS! You don’t need much at all. Only a dime size amount on either arm. Use your fingers to rub in & you’re done.

If you use to much it’s going to make a mess. Also, if it gets too hot it will separate. Just mix it up well & throw it in the fridge for an hour. It’s not ruined.


Here is a fantastic link to more you didn’t know about Deodorant.



How to take your pictures

How to Measure Yourself

To busy to make breakfast?!

If you cut up all your veggies for the week, once a week, you can just pull them out when you want them. This is one of my favorite quick meals.

6 Foods that Boost Metabolism.

Clean the chicken.

Do you HATE cleaning chicken?….. ME TOO! Just looking at this picture is gross! So I had to come up with a genius way to clean it without touching it.

Put the frozen chicken in a bag to defrost. Once defrosted cut one end off of the bag & let the yucky run out. Make sure you let the yuck run to the opposite side of the bag before you cut…. or this defeats the whole purpose as it will run out all over your hands. Open the top of the baggie let fresh water run through to rinse. Make sure you don’t cut the hole very big or the chicken will slip right out! YIKES!

Clean your diamond at home.

Let’s face it,……. ladies LOVE pretty things! I don’t know about you but when my diamond gets dingy it makes me sad. So I was super excited to find some at home ways to keep my Diamond SPARKLING!!!!

Tiki Jars

Fall is in our midst. Which means more time on the back patio for my family.Here is a fun inexpensive idea to light up the night & keep the insects away.

What you need…..
1. Mason Jars ~ You can get these anywhere. Even Publix sells them.
2. Off Citronella ~ Lowes
3. Tiki Wicks ~ Lowes
4. Drill ~ for holes in the lid.

The cost breaks down to a little less than $5 each. Easy & fun!
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Christmas is Coming!

Here’s a little tip to organize your wrapping supplies.  

Anything to make the hustle & bustle a little more enjoyable.