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There will always be an excuse!

So…… what do you do when the smoke detector had you up at 3 AM & you really don’t want to do you’re workout?! You spike your hair, drink some E&E and do it anyways!!! There will always be an excuse.There will always be sleepless nights, laundry to get done, work that needs your attention. It will always be someone’s birthday. They’re will always be memorial day, cookouts, baby showers. There’s always going to be temptations in the break room or cup cakes after Timmy’s baseball game.
There will ALWAYS be excuses to cheat & skip it because life doesn’t stop so you can crush your goals. So you must make a decision, draw a line in the sand with yourself & decide what you truly want out of this one life you get.
It’s your life & you are in control of every decision. Choose to design a life you love, not one you regret.

*** Metamorphosis Monday ***

This week I want to talk to you about becoming your best self, one step at a time. Practical ways that you can enrich your life & the lives of others & it won’t cost you a dime….. BUT it will make you rich!

Today let’s talk COMPLIMENTS!

Before you leave the house today give yourself a compliment…. On your hair, your outfit, a task you performed with your unique skill set. Whatever it may be. If you say you can’t find anything then you really aren’t looking. When you do this it gives you an emotional boost & creates happiness! That energy is CONTAGIOUS to everyone around you! Now you’re happy & productive!

In my life I’ve had to learn to be happy with just myself. Some people find it very annoying & even arrogant when you love yourself.  But I am thankful for this gift. I didn’t always have a loving husband & three kidos to love on me. There was a time when my heart ached for a husband to love me & I begged God to give me a family that I could lavish with love. It wasn’t until I found peace in being alone that I found my soul mate. My happiness does not weigh on another human being or circumstances! I learned how to just be happy with me. Besides how do you expect anyone else to love what you don’t?!



Someone PINCH ME! This is really my life! All because I chose to make some really tough decisions without being able to see the future. When I left my corporate job to become a Beachbody coach it was SO PAINFUL for me to leave all the financial burden to my husband. Especially for a girl who has been on her own since 16 & always had a “normal job”. Deep in my soul I KNEW, that I knew, that I knew this opportunity was going to fulfill my purpose & pay the bills. So thankful that in spite of the fear & risk I took the leap! It’s only 6 days since I made this vision board & I’m adding a new goal already?! That’s right because Team Beachbody wants to send me on one of the largest ships in the world!!!!…….The Oasis of the Sea in 2016. No way am I letting this opportunity pass me by! If you have been watching me over the past few months & you are curious about this Beachbody thing….. let me tell you NOW IS THE TIME to be in the know! Not only are we ending the trend of obesity & inspiring others to achieve their dreams…….

~ You can earn an extra $500, $1000…… etc. monthly, you decide.
~ You earn free trips for helping people
~ You can do this around your current job
~ Step by Step coach training is provided
~ You get healthy & fit in the process

Along with ALL that comes the a culture of winners. You get to be surrounded by people who are fulfilling their purpose instead of standing around the water cooler complaining & doing nothing.

If you have wanted a change……. If you know you are made for so MORE but have no idea how you are going to get there…… join my FREE 5 day seek peak! Let me tell you what this Beachbody thing is all about. No pressure but don’t let an opportunity pass you by just because of doubt or disbelief. How will you know if you don’t try. Besides it’s free. Comment below or message me if you want the 411

No Limits

*~* People will argue for limitations they have placed on their own life *~*
Don’t limit yourself because you believe you can’t achieve your dreams!!!! Success is directly related to mindset. Tackle the habits that are sabotaging you. Tear down the stories you tell yourself of why you can’t. Replace it with the TRUTH that you are built for greatness!

Beachbody provides a better way!

******************************** Warning ********************************                                                                                                                                                                                           Long post but it gets you the inside scoop on what makes me tick! Someone asked me recently WHY am I so PASSIONATE about what I do !?!?!?

So here goes………..
When I met my husband 4 years ago, he was a big man & I love EVERY BIT of him just the way he was!!! Health & nutrition where always very important to me & I vowed not to bug him about his weight. Last year about this time he SCARED THE CRAP out of me by having to spend a day in the hospital. HOLY I DON’T WANT TO BE A WIDOW!!! The end result was high blood pressure & high blood sugar/Pre-diabetic do to years of not taking his eating habits seriously & lack of moving his body!!! At that point he was pretty shook up & made the decision on his own that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life on medication.

We both worked around 60 hours a week in the mortgage industry. We have three kids who are all in extra curricular activities. We were traveling every other weekend with travel ball with our oldest daughter so we were eating a lot of hotel breakfast & sandwiches. Finding a THE TIME to make a change was impossible!!! Or so I thought! We had a gym membership for a year & maybe used it twice. What a waste.

Enter side stage – T25……. T25 is a workout program we could do TOGETHER from home! & it was only 25 minutes a day. I gained energy & endurance yes…… but the real success story was the fact he lost 40lbs in 8 WEEKS. In 8 WEEKS time he CAME OFF ALL THE MEDICATION just from exercise, one shake a day & somewhat changing his eating habbits. Let’s be real you can’t change that over night. I am so proud of him & even more proud of the fact that he has KEPT OFF EVERY POUND!!!! He has not gain one pound back this whole time!!!

*************************************MY WHY********************************
When I saw there was an option to make a change & it was DOABLE…… It fit into our crazy lifestyle…… I felt I had to help as many people as I can do the same!!!!! We don’t have to AGE EARLY! We don’t have to live with DISEASE!!! We don’t have to take 45 medications every day for the rest of our lives!!! There is a BETTER WAY! I want the world to know!!!

Sorry for yelling but I’m kind of passionate about your health! I am so thankful for this opportunity. Looking great is fantastic but ADDING YEARS TO YOUR LIFE is way better!!!

Breathing or LIVING?! You choose!

EVERYTHING you ever wanted is waiting for you to step over your self-imposed obstacles!

I can & I will

Tell yourself you can! Tell yourself it is easy. You already have everything you need inside of you. It’s up to you to believe it.


So I know it’s not even Christmas yet & you are not thinking about a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! That’s why you need me as your coach….. To be forward thinking! BAHAHAHAHHA!

Seriously though. It is right around the corner & this year I want to see you SUCCEED! I know you have tried everything under the sun & you feel nothing works. I know you are tired of STARTING OVER! It is my mission to set you up with all the tools you need to CONQUER YOURSELF & reveal the woman hidden inside. I will provide you with step by step support.

This is a 60 day fitness support group. If you are ready to make the change, if you want the support and to know exactly what to do each day. Then message me and get your spot in our group now!

I am looking for women who are FED UP WITH AVERAGE!!! Who know it is going to be hard work but like the idea of a challenge. You are ready to be in the best shape of your life & you’re not willing to let EXCUSES hold you back!

We will have a week of preparation which starts on December 29th. We will start workouts on Monday, December 5th, 2015. So you can enjoy all your festivities & have one last hoorah through the holidays before we buckle down & sculpt your life.

I am accepting 10 applicants for this challenge. Click on the link to be considered.

Living a life of purpose


I have had a lot of different jobs that just paid the bills. My last job paid really well but I was miserable! The stress was so high that I couldn’t function. I wasn’t making a difference & didn’t feel I had a PURPOSE! I kept thinking to myself… “there has to be more to life than I go to work, make money, pay the bills & then die! There must be a purpose!”

I am finally fulfilling my purpose. I get to help people realize all the beautiful potential that has been planted inside of them. Loving on people & encouraging them to be who they were created to be makes me feel alive! The thrill of hearing their stories & how I was in some way a part of their transformation makes me feel like I am not wasting this precious life I have been given.

You only get to ride this life once…… how will you spend it? In a job you hate because the bills need to get paid? Did you ever think that if you step off the hamster wheel & follow your dreams you could be more successful than you imagined? Now my bills are paid & I’m happy. Who knew?!

To all of you who choose to share this journey with me… I am thankful! You may think I’m encouraging you but you are really pushing me!