Day 15 – No Sugar

Don't Stress

It is really hard for me to admit this but I fell off the no sugar wagon this weekend. It’s scary to admit to the whole world your faults. Especially when you are in a position of leading others on their fitness journey. I’m still just a human, like you I have to say no to my cravings & get back up when I fall. Failing is inevitable, it’s part of the process to success. How else would we learn? I believe my success is not based on “IF” I get back up, but solely on “HOW QUICK” I can get back to my feet. Weather or not to get back up is no longer an option because I have committed myself to an extraordinary life! When I do fall back into average behavior, the question becomes; “how long will I stay there in my mediocrity”? That is the test against which I measure myself.  I’m back in the saddle today. I don’t promise you perfection but….. I promise to keep it real.

Here is where the breakdown happened. While going to get my nails done with a girlfriend on Saturday I could smell the aroma of fresh bundt cakes from the bakery next door. In an effort not to tempt you I will not give you any further details about the decadence that I ate…. but let me just say it was WORTH it. Meaning this wasn’t just some day old dried up bundt cake. I reasoned with myself….. this is a great way to see how this will make me feel tomorrow?! Well it made me feel horrible…. but it didn’t even take until tomorrow…… it took all of about 30 minutes & I hit a brick wall! Yep, the sugar made me crash. Within 30 minutes I was so tired I could barely stand.  I also started to feel like I had a head cold. Scratchy throat, stuffy nose, my eyes began to water. I couldn’t believe what a quick & drastic reaction I was having.

The next morning was just as I suspected. Achy muscles, still a scratchy throat, watery eyes & a stopped up nose. I know this feeling all too well & I know how to handle it….. WATER & EXERCISE! Lots of water & sweat will flush the sugar right out of your system.  Today I am still not 100%. The lethargy is still hanging around & I could only make it through about 15 minutes of my work out.

success really looks like 1

It’s amazing how sensitive your body becomes when you clean it out. It was not made to run on sugar that is one thing I know for sure. If you are on this journey & you have fallen off, don’t beat yourself up. The great thing is you can start fresh every moment. One good decision can lead to the next. The most important thing is you get back up. Don’t let one little set back cause you to quit.

If you are on this journey or thinking of trying it…. I would love to hear from you! Your questions/concerns are welcome. Send me an email


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