Day 19 – No SUGAR

So the food companie think their slick! Change the name & we won’t know the difference. Sugar has over 200 different names & forms. It is difficult to identify all the sugars all the time, but it is possible. Once you get past the learning curve it becomes easier & easier. The main thing to remember is anything that comes in a box or can is usually bad. If you stick with whole foods….. fruits, veggies & fresh meats you can steer clear easily.

Today I wanted you to see the names of sugar and it’s counterparts. I can not take credit for this list, except for the beautiful presentation of course! I got this list from Rips & Curves. Check out her facebook page. Amazing information all the time.

I am back on track. The weekend is here & I am determined to stay focused. Check back in on Monday to see how I do?!


Sugar part 1


sugar part 2

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