How to kick 8 bad habits with a Meal Replacement Shake

Setting to many healthy goals & making too many changes at once can backfire. But to achieve your goals you must change at least a few bad habits & find one positive ANCHOR!

A meal replacement shake is more than just a low-calorie meal. With convenience, versatility and appetite control, it helps to pull off a complete nutrition and fitness makeover. Here are eight unhealthy habits that drinking a daily meal replacement shake can fix…

1. Eating Too Many Calories – Many people eat more calories than their bodies need & don’t realize their doing it. A meal replacement shake takes care of the counting conundrum and the munchies.

2. Skipping Breakfast – People who skip breakfast are less likely to lose weight. Pressed for time in the morning? All it takes is two minutes to make a nutrient dense shake.

3. Not Exercising Regularly – It’s hard to feel motivated to exercise when you’re low on energy or have a heavy meal in your belly. A meal replacement shake is great pre-workout fuel, with enough protein and carbs to deliver energy, accelerating fat loss and lean muscle development but it won’t weigh you down.

4. Not Getting Enough Vegetables – Shakeology has your daily dense dose of super food nutrition that you will not find anywhere else, all in one place! With this one drink you can replenish yourself as if you just ate 10 salads.

5. Having Lunch or Dinner Late – Eating evenly spaced meals throughout the day helps keep your glucose and energy levels stable & also controls hunger and cravings. A shake is easy to squeeze in and you’ve got 1-2 meals covered, so you’re less likely to get to that starving point where anything goes… into your mouth.

6. Forgetting Your Multivitamin – A high-quality meal replacement shake like Shakeology has your daily dose of vitamins, nutrients, probiotics & prebiotics….. Again all in one convenient place. No need to pay hundreds of dollars for supplements & head to multiple different health food stores to get the goods.

7. Over-indulging Your Sweet Tooth – Refined sugar is a major contributing factor to diabetes, obesity and numerous chronic diseases. But it’s tough to cut back. Your body is craving nutrients & the only way to cut the cravings is to feed your body what it is asking you for. NUTRIENTS!

8. Eating Fast Food – As humans with busy lives we go for convince every time. Keeping your meal replacement at the office or in your car means you can make a quick shake and won’t be at the mercy of fast food, EVER!

In a study by the University of Melbourne, people who used a meal replacement shake lost weight faster than those who didn’t. Because they saw results faster, they stayed motivated: 81% of the shake-drinkers achieved their target weight loss, compared with 50% of the gradual dieters.

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