I’m not a Sales Person

YEP…..I am a part of a Multi-level market company. WHY?!?!?…. Because the power of building a team of people & residual income is a force that is unstoppable. BUT….. I DON’T SELL STUFF!

Unlike ALL other MLM’s, Beachbody is not just selling a product to meet a short term fix: it’s equipping you with the tools you need to make lifelong changes to your lifestyle.
(This company has taught me how to eat clean/workout/meet goals/help hundreds of people do the same and find such fulfillment out of doing so! All while build REAL friendships)

Contrary to popular assumption….. I am not a SALES PERSON! My job is to love on people, encourage & motivate them. I’m here to help women who want to make a change & know they were created for so much more than the mundane numb existent that we so easily get trapped in! I’m more like a guide on a beautiful journey to your best self!

So we are different because we live what we preach. Yes a new mascara is great- jewelry is fun- a wrap will make you lose inches for a moment but an entire lifestyle revamp is PRICELESS. Our success is a direct reflection of how many lives we change- not on how many moisturizers or canvas bags we sale.

I am not just trying to sell a shake: I equips you with EVERY TOOL you need to be successful in your journey to health. THAT is why people who start a program through beachbody have such a high success rate.

*You choose a fitness program (out of over 20) based on what looks FUN to you- so you’ll stick with it and do it in the privacy of your own home.

*you get a nutrition plan to teach you how/what/how often to eat (no guess work or figuring it out on your own!)
*you have one shake a day that is 70 superfoods- ground into a powder and made into a shake- that is fueling your body with exactly what it needs: dense nutrition. So it lets it run like the beautiful beast you are!

*Most importantly it plugs you in to a coach for support- who hopefully plugs you into a group of others wanting to make the same changes you are- so you never feel like you are doing it alone. You have people rooting for you all over the country!!

So making money off my friends is not what I’m about. I HATE sales and want no part of it. But helping them make a lifestyle change- I will do that in a hot minute!!!

P.S. This is not slamming other MLM’s. I love and support them all!! Just highlighting why this is a passion for me!!! So I apologize if you got the wrong idea. I’m here to change the world! Not make a quick buck!

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