Peer Support

Hi, Jessica Pruitt here. I am 34 years experienced and love all things health & fitness! I wasn’t always this way! As a full time career woman, wife & mom of three I found it extremely hard to get to the gym & prepare healthy food. I would struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Lacking motivation to get in my car, drive to a crowded gym with all the other business professionals who were trying to get their workouts in before the work day started!

I was always waiting for equipment which slowed me down & I would lose interest fast! When I work out I want to put my head phones on to my favorite beats & GO! I don’t want to talk or be ogled! You know what I mean ladies?! So I found something that FINALLY works for me! I work out at home for 25 minutes a day. My programs show me everything I need to do step by step. No guess work or creating my own workouts. When I started my first at home workout I quickly realized just how out of shape I was. I had no energy or strength what so ever!

Preparing healthy meals was a whole other issue. I Had NO TIME! So I found Shakeology that came along with my Beachbody workout program (T25).  All of the sudden I had breakfast planned for me each morning, I started feeling stronger, feeling full longer & had more energy. For me this was a miracle because everything I eat makes me sick. I have a gluten intolerance & that limits most of my food intake. So finding a healthy, complete meal in a shake that I could take on the go, CHANGED MY LIFE!

I am so PASSIONATE now about this life change that I decided to become a coach to help others reach their fullest potential! Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Do you need a partner in crime to go on the journey with?! Do you need advice on how to overcome old habits that keep sabotaging you?! That’s where I come in! I am your FREE PERSONAL coach. Don’t get me wrong this only works if you show up but I will provide the proper amount of motivation necessary to keep you moving.

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