Coaching Opportunity

Let’s find out if we are a good fit?! FIRST WATCH THE VIDEO. If being a Beachbody Coach sounds like something you need in your life, click this link to fill out a new coach application.



~?~ Is there something missing in your life ~?~

Is there an empty spot in the pit of your stomach with an aching that just won’t go away?! Do you start the day with dread about the job you are heading off to or are you just board with the mundane of living an AVERAGE LIFE?! There is a reason you feel that way you know…… It’s there because you were DESIGNED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world! You were created to AFFECT & INFLUENCE the world with the natural talents & abilities God gifted you with. You have a story! A life of strengthening moments that have made you STRONGER! You were created to share those with others to make them stronger! Someone NEEDS YOUR STORY!!!!!

What if I told you there is a life available where you can live & get paid to be YOU!!! You can wake up every day to a satisfying & full existence. Would you think “that’s too good to be true” and let the opportunity pass you by without even checking to see if it’s for real!?

I can promise you this is FOR REAL! There is a life of freedom & flexibility. A life beyond paycheck to paycheck & will my boss let me off so I can go to Timmy’s T Ball game!!!! The choice is yours….. you can ignore this post & do nothing or you can TAKE A CHANCE!

I’m not promising this is easy! This is still work but it’s REWARDING WORK! If this message speaks to your soul, then I am talking to you! Send me an email at & we will set a time to have a conversation.

Also, please fill out this application before we talk.