Living a life of purpose


I have had a lot of different jobs that just paid the bills. My last job paid really well but I was miserable! The stress was so high that I couldn’t function. I wasn’t making a difference & didn’t feel I had a PURPOSE! I kept thinking to myself… “there has to be more to life than I go to work, make money, pay the bills & then die! There must be a purpose!”

I am finally fulfilling my purpose. I get to help people realize all the beautiful potential that has been planted inside of them. Loving on people & encouraging them to be who they were created to be makes me feel alive! The thrill of hearing their stories & how I was in some way a part of their transformation makes me feel like I am not wasting this precious life I have been given.

You only get to ride this life once…… how will you spend it? In a job you hate because the bills need to get paid? Did you ever think that if you step off the hamster wheel & follow your dreams you could be more successful than you imagined? Now my bills are paid & I’m happy. Who knew?!

To all of you who choose to share this journey with me… I am thankful! You may think I’m encouraging you but you are really pushing me!

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