*** Metamorphosis Monday ***

Do you ever CRINGE when someone quotes you a cliché….. “if you want something you have never had you’ll have to do something you have never done”! I know, I know! These quotes can get downright annoying….. Especially when you are just NOT FEELIN it!

BUT……. This doesn’t make any of the cliché statements any less true. Our brains are so unbelievably smart that we have dooped ourselves! We have to change the story of why we can’t or why we won’t do EVERYTHING we need to, in order to get where we want to go in this life.

We can’t just keep trudging along & just hope for the best. We MUST TAKE ACTION. Change your behavior, change your responses, change your actions to reflect what you want out of life, not where you are. Change your speech & what you say about yourself to yourself. Mix it up & keep  your mind guessing.

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