*~* Metamorphosis Monday *~*

This week I want to share the things that hold great worth in my life. The things I will never take for granted & I am always sure to thank God I have them.
I’m thankful to have my own home! That might sound like a normal thing that most people have but for me it’s an honor. I have lived in 23 houses in 20 different cities all within 32 short years. I have shared apartments, rented rooms, borrowed rooms & lived in others houses. I hoped, wished &¬†prayed for years to have a safe space to call my own. A space to create my own atmosphere of comfort. To create it the way I wanted & retreat from the day to rest in it’s peace. I have that now & every morning I get up, have a cup of coffee & thank God that I have my very own home. It’s not a structure it’s an framework.

Feel free to join in the fun. Let’s create an atmosphere of gratefulness all week!

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