Strong & Healthy for the Holidays


Going into the fall is one of my favorite times of year but it’s also the time of year that I’m most likely to get off track with my health. My body does not like sugar or processed foods AT ALL! My muscles ache, my joints hurt, I don’t sleep well & my belly gets super inflamed (which is not a good look for skinny jeans & boots)! All this just from celebrating holidays! Honestly If I wasn’t a coach & didn’t have the accountability & support of my TRIBE I would slip into a brain fog coma all winter long. It’s so easy to do though……. RIGHT?!?!?

This year I’m taking action to get ahead of the game. I want to be toned, trimmed & strong BEFORE the holidays hit. I want to be present & in my right mind so I can enjoy those priceless moments! I don’t want to just hope I don’t get the flu or strep throat! I want to build up my immune system NOW while I still have the chance!

My mission is twofold…. I don’t want to get sick & I don’t want to ruin my results by eating everything in sight.
Don’t get me wrong… I’m gonna have a treat here & there….. MY plan is to have accountability & support in place…. Along with a bangin immune system already built up!

If you want to try something different this Holiday season…. JOIN ME! Here’s the quick & dirty….
~ You work out from home! To a program of your choice. We get clear on your goals & program options.
~ You choose your super-food flavor. Great news….. I’m going to take care of one meal a day for you! The healthiest possible meal you can put in your body. You can’t get all of these nutrients in one place…. ANYWHERE else!
~ You join me & a tribe of powerhouse women who have the same mindset but they don’t want to go it alone either!!!

It’s truly that simple & the cost is about $4 a day! Half the cost of what you pay eating any sandwich or salad out these days. Plus it’s only a 30 day commitment. You can do anything for 30 days.

Fill out the application & let’s talk. This just might be the bridge to change that you have been hoping for! If you need a bit more information before you reach out…. check this out…. CLICK HERE!!!

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