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*** Don’t Show up Empty Handed ***

Even if you have been assured there is plenty or food & drinks to go around. This is your opportunity to lavish the host who put all that time & effort into creating a great experience for everyone. Bring something unexpected like flowers, a great book or a candle. It makes them feel appreciated & it’s such an unexpected surprise!

*** Be Polite ***

Common curtesy goes so far & yet it is so overlooked. People just want to be appreciated & loved. Saying thank you, please & your welcome may sound so simple. Too often we are wrapped up in our day, in our minds, in our crazy life that we forget to pay attention & say excuse me. This is a really easy thing that can either make someone’s day or break it. It can also be the difference between someone willing to help you & someone making your day miserable. Pay attention, be kind. It goes so much further.

*** Listen to others ***

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to remember names?! It’s because we are so busy thinking about what we are going to say….. That we never retain their name! I believe we would get so much more out of our friendships & relationships if we would listen more & speak less. If you’re always talking you can’t be listening & that means you are not learning or growing. Listening provides a safe place for friends to lay out a situation & often times find the solution without you ever saying a word. Somehow they just needed someone to talk to! By expressing ideals allowed & in the face of someone else it sheds a fresh light on reality. You will gain so much knowledge & experience life vicariously through others if you just listen a little longer.

*** Give Surprises ***

I think this is one of the main reason I love Christmas so much. I LOVE TO GIVE! I love to see the look on my kids’ faces when they open exactly what they wanted & then of course the exuberant energy of hugs & kisses that follows is always welcomed!!! How does it make you FEEL when someone gives you an unexpected surprise?! IT FEELS AMAZING! So why not give that gift to some unknown soul today. Seek them out even. Maybe it’s someone at your office who is over worked & underpaid. Give them a small card & remind them they are appreciated. Give your husband a hand written love letter just to remind him of how he still gives you butterflies. Offer to help an elderly person load their groceries in their car. What a huge help this will be to them & it energized your soul. It’s also contagious so you will want to do it more. You don’t have to have money to give, you can always give of yourself!

*** Practice Forgiveness ***

If for nothing else to free yourself from the heaviness of that negative emotions. The person that you hate does not feel the strain or weight of your hatred. By carrying all that around inside you further give them power over you. Can’t you see, they are still in control of your emotions. I’m not saying excuse what they have done, I’m just saying RELEASE YOURSELF!

*** Metamorphosis Monday ***

This week I want to talk to you about becoming your best self, one step at a time. Practical ways that you can enrich your life & the lives of others & it won’t cost you a dime….. BUT it will make you rich!

Today let’s talk COMPLIMENTS!

Before you leave the house today give yourself a compliment…. On your hair, your outfit, a task you performed with your unique skill set. Whatever it may be. If you say you can’t find anything then you really aren’t looking. When you do this it gives you an emotional boost & creates happiness! That energy is CONTAGIOUS to everyone around you! Now you’re happy & productive!

In my life I’ve had to learn to be happy with just myself. Some people find it very annoying & even arrogant when you love yourself.  But I am thankful for this gift. I didn’t always have a loving husband & three kidos to love on me. There was a time when my heart ached for a husband to love me & I begged God to give me a family that I could lavish with love. It wasn’t until I found peace in being alone that I found my soul mate. My happiness does not weigh on another human being or circumstances! I learned how to just be happy with me. Besides how do you expect anyone else to love what you don’t?!