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Day 19 – No SUGAR

So the food companie think their slick! Change the name & we won’t know the difference. Sugar has over 200 different names & forms. It is difficult to identify all the sugars all the time, but it is possible. Once you get past the learning curve it becomes easier & easier. The main thing to remember is anything that comes in a box or can is usually bad. If you stick with whole foods….. fruits, veggies & fresh meats you can steer clear easily.

Today I wanted you to see the names of sugar and it’s counterparts. I can not take credit for this list, except for the beautiful presentation of course! I got this list from Rips & Curves. Check out her facebook page. Amazing information all the time.

I am back on track. The weekend is here & I am determined to stay focused. Check back in on Monday to see how I do?!


Sugar part 1


sugar part 2

Easy to follow workout

Day 10 – No Sugar

Yep!…. I thought that picture might get your attention. Day 10 & I wanted to share a short statement & picture I found from another blogger……. I couldn’t say it any better than this! Plus my friend Jacquie Kerzman said all my pretty pictures are making her crave sugar…. so I decided to change it up a bit. This ones for you lady!

“Please understand that feeding this garbage to your children is only killing them slowly. Aspartame is poisonous and white sugar actually breaks down in the body like cocaine. It is literally a drug. It gives no life and no sustenance, just a high, followed by a deep crash. Artificial coloring and dyes have long term effects like rendering the liver and kidney inept. EAT REAL FOOD! This means that if it doesn’t grow on a tree, vine, from the sea floor, or have seeds, it is NOT food. If you cannot readily identify the ingredients on the labels, this may not be the best thing to feed your children or yourself.” You can visit the original article here:



So why am I doing the happy dance you ask?!…… I am excited to report that I have lost 11 lbs in 10 days. I wish I had some before & after pictures for you but I did not think this would be so drastic. So, you’re gonna have to take my word for it.

It was not my intention to lose weight on this journey.  I only wanted to be healthier. My beginning weight was 137 & I am now 126. I have not done any exercise in the last 11 days. I wanted to know for sure how the sugar free diet would affect my body.

Typically my abdomen is very swollen even with good diet & exercise. I used to get so mad because no matter how many crunches I did you couldn’t see my abs.  Over the past few days i have noticed my tummy is completely flat! How exciting for me! I didn’t realize how much sugar affects my body. Amazing how it’s killing me slowly & keeping me from so many goals.


The lethargy is leaving along with the brain fog in the afternoon & getting up in the morning is much easier. If I feel this good on day 10 I can only imagine how good day 30 will be. It’s amazing how we will eat what we want for 5 minutes of pleasure even though we are going to incur a lifetime of pain.