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Quitting is not an option‬!

Beachbody Challenge

All you fabulous people who are in one of my challenge groups….. this is why we take pictures. You can win CASH!!! Beachbody gives away $500 Daily, $1000 Monthly, $5,000 Quarterly, $100,000 Annual Grand Prise. Amazing to me that they pay us to work out!

*~*LOVE MY JOB!!!! *~*
SHARE this photo with a friend & ask them if they want to win some CASH!!!

Beachbody Transformation

Then one night after I has my second child, it hit me. I started crying and when my husband asked what was wrong, I told him that I just realized that I would never wear a bikini again. That was my turning point. I knew something had to change.

No Bake Shakeology Cookies

Daily Dose of dense nutrition!

How to take your measurements.

How to take your before & after photos!

Why tear another woman down when you have the beautiful opportunity to build her up?!

Our Greatest Fear……

This video SERIOUSLY gets my blood pumpin!!! There is greatness living here!

Be quiet naysayers!