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*** Give Surprises ***

I think this is one of the main reason I love Christmas so much. I LOVE TO GIVE! I love to see the look on my kids’ faces when they open exactly what they wanted & then of course the exuberant energy of hugs & kisses that follows is always welcomed!!! How does it make you FEEL when someone gives you an unexpected surprise?! IT FEELS AMAZING! So why not give that gift to some unknown soul today. Seek them out even. Maybe it’s someone at your office who is over worked & underpaid. Give them a small card & remind them they are appreciated. Give your husband a hand written love letter just to remind him of how he still gives you butterflies. Offer to help an elderly person load their groceries in their car. What a huge help this will be to them & it energized your soul. It’s also contagious so you will want to do it more. You don’t have to have money to give, you can always give of yourself!

*** Practice Forgiveness ***

If for nothing else to free yourself from the heaviness of that negative emotions. The person that you hate does not feel the strain or weight of your hatred. By carrying all that around inside you further give them power over you. Can’t you see, they are still in control of your emotions. I’m not saying excuse what they have done, I’m just saying RELEASE YOURSELF!

The sky is not the limit, your mind is!

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

What you have experienced thus far in life, is not all there is. There is still more to see, learn & experience. You haven’t learned it all & therefore you don’t know it all. Are your ideas, judgments & beliefs so set in stone that you can’t learn anything new? Will you take constructive criticism from others? Will you allows someone else to teach you a more efficient way to do something you have always done? Do you have a mentor?  You are the only one that has the power to put limits on yourself. If you are unwilling to learn & grow then you are stagnant. The muscle of your mind is starting to atrophy & you are actually losing ground in your pursuit of this thing called life. Dont limit yourself! Be willing to learn & explore new possibilities. You may find what you are looking for is only one paradigm shift away. What you believe or don’t believe is your only limitation.

Develop the skill that conquers talent.

The heart of drive will beat out talent every time. Fierce determination & tenacity will crush half hearted talent. Don’t rest on your laurels. Develop the skill that conquers talent. Talent plays practice wins!

Own your craft!

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*

Today, instead of waiting for your business to grow, grow you. Expand your knowledge in just one area of your business, marriage, insight or fitness. Your action will cultivate growth.

Don’t just work….. Own it, know it! Be excellent & bring excellence to the table. Don’t leave it to chance or wing it. Be sharp, know the answers & be the answer. Create the atmosphere to breed success. Don’t wait on hope, act on faith.

Decide & make the change!

When the pain is so overwhelming & breathtaking you will make the change!

Start Fresh!

Give & Receive what you need!

If you are lacking something you need today meet up with a friend who has more encouragement than you.  Spend time with someone who has more joy or hope or faith. Draw off of their gifts. Everyone has gifts to give. Share yours freely & receive what you need.

A fresh breeze happens everyday.

There is fresh sunshine &  a fresh new breeze today.  The canvas of the sky has been freshly painted.

So how is it that you can’t let go of yesterday & start fresh today?!

You are the only one that holds on to the past. Let it go & breath in fresh air today.

You must take the first step!