There will always be an excuse!

So…… what do you do when the smoke detector had you up at 3 AM & you really don’t want to do you’re workout?! You spike your hair, drink some E&E and do it anyways!!! There will always be an excuse.There will always be sleepless nights, laundry to get done, work that needs your attention. It will always be someone’s birthday. They’re will always be memorial day, cookouts, baby showers. There’s always going to be temptations in the break room or cup cakes after Timmy’s baseball game.
There will ALWAYS be excuses to cheat & skip it because life doesn’t stop so you can crush your goals. So you must make a decision, draw a line in the sand with yourself & decide what you truly want out of this one life you get.
It’s your life & you are in control of every decision. Choose to design a life you love, not one you regret.

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