Some times the most unexpected thing is exactly what was needed!

The first part of my life I never expected to have children. I had 13 nieces & nephews & children where just not apart of my plan. I realized what a huge responsibility they are. I did not want to give that kind of time, effort & energy. I realize now how very selfish I was. As a young person that is usually the case. I spent the first year of my marriage growing up! Not just to be a wife, but becoming a mother requires you to care about something more than yourself. I had no idea how very self centered I was. I also realized I wasn’t much of the “Christian” I proclaimed to be. Grace is easy to give when you are in the comfort of your very own box. God shattered my box & gave me a family that didn’t look the way I expected it to. Over the past three years I have learned that being humble is truly thinking of others more than you think about yourself. Grace is a daily gift that God gives you strength to give. I have also learned to never say never. What you don’t expect is usually what you need & God always knows you better than you know yourself. I have always had a lot of love to give. Now I know why. I have three little people who soak up every moment I will give them. I have discovered what my love was made for.


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