What is a Challenge Group anyways?!

A Challenge group has 3 parts

  1. You Work Out from home
  2. You Drink Shakeology
  3. You Join a Push Group

First things first,  this challenge is designed to help you get your confidence back. To help you feel like yourself again. You must move your body! If you are anything like me you absolutely hate wasting time driving across town to the gym then trying to work out for an hour. I hate waiting on gym equipment, I hate dodging people that want to chat for an hour & I hate being oogled! So thankfully I don’t have to deal with all that anymore!!!  I have over 20 at home workout programs for you to choose from. You can even gain access online & workout from wherever you may be. It’s a very convent option for those of you who travel for work too.

Second, I can’t control everything that you put in your mouth…… BUT I know for certain if I can get just one nutrient dense meal a day into your system you will get results. Shakeology is designed to keep you full for at least 3 hours. It kicks those pesky cravings so you don’t reach for the junk. Do you know why your body craves in the first place?! It’s because it is lacking some nutrient that it needs. Then we reach for cake & potato chips & wonder why it didn’t satisfy. Your body is craving nutrients….. So give it what it needs!

Last but not least…. & my favorite part….. The PUSH GROUP! You will join me a long with other women who are on the same path as you, in a PRIVATE group on Facebook. This is where the transformation truly happens. We work on the mind. We all know if we don’t change our minds first then nothing truly changes. So we tackle old limiting though processes that no longer serve us. We hold each other accountable. Lift each other up when we are down & PUSH each other to not give up. Then we CELEBRATE as the transformation happens.

~ The group is run on Facebook so you check in each day at your convenience & it really should take no more than 10 minutes of your time…. Unless you choose to hang out in there more. Which you will….. Because it’s awesome!

~ I provide daily accountability and motivation.

~ There is a step by step meal plan

~ I share fitness tips & tricks to make your life easier

COST ~ I gotta be honest I dislike this question very much. The way we put value on ourselves & what we will pay for transformation should be a non-issue. We will sell stuff in our closet to get a new hand bag or pair of shoes….. But when it comes to taking care of ourselves…… we put the brakes on!

That was not a set up for this being expensive…….. TEHE…. The great news is this only cost about $4 -$6 a day for 30 days!

 What you get ~ You get a 30 day supply of Shakeology that you replace one meal a day with. So really this is going to save you money on groceries in the long run. You get the workout program of your choice that you keep forever. My experience, motivation & expertise…… FREE!

Now it’s time to TAKE ACTION to get back your life. Click on the link http://bit.ly/Jessicaismycoach, fill out the application & let’s have a conversation about partnering together to set the power house woman you truly are, FREE!

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