Will you be around for your life?

*~* Motivate Me Monday *~*
Have you ever noticed that you don’t live for today?! We are usually thinking & living out of what happened to us in the past or we are making decisions for what we want our life to be in the future. Most of the time our thoughts are busy trying to escape our current reality & we miss all the beauty that is wrapped up in THE CURRENT moment. 
If I hadn’t been raised by that family I would have more opportunity. I will be able to relax when I have $5000 saved in the bank for unexpected expenses. Life will be easier when I pay off my house.
Can you see how all of those statements are holding you back from enjoying your life right now?! Every day you spend in past mistakes & hurts or hoping for a different reality is another day that is slipping from your grasp.
I encourage you to WATCH YOU THOUGHTS today. See where your thoughts go…. are you running your thoughts or are your thoughts running you? Whatever your reality is today, be thankful I promise it could always be worse & there is someone somewhere who would trade places with you.

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